Singer-songwriter Ashley Sofia is premiering her new song "That Girl Is a Rainbow" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

For Sofia, the lyrics to "That Girl Is a Rainbow" came naturally: She wrote the song "in maybe 10 minutes," she recounts, after hearing about a friend in a terrible relationship, seeing herself in her friend's heartbreak.

"That girl is a rainbow, and that boy is colorblind," Sofia sings. "One day that old rain is going to clear, and she's going to shine her way right out of here / And he'll be in some bar crying into some craft beer / Sayin', 'Man, I wish that rainbow was here.'"

"It's a song about accepting your own worth, and finally realizing that you're better than the terrible ways that you've been treated," Sofia tells The Boot. "I think we’ve all been on one side of this story or the other. This song isn’t just for women, it’s really about anybody who’s genuinely a good soul, who’s being taken for granted. I’ve learned that usually, life finds a way to re-balance the scales."

A New York native and vintage folk obsessive, Sofia has worked as a songwriter since the age of 17. In September, she'll release her sophomore album, Shades of Blue, on which "That Girl Is a Rainbow" appears. It's the follow-up to her 2014 debut, Love and Fury, which earned critical acclaim for its '70s, Laurel Canyon-inspired vibe.

Shades of Blue is due out on Sept. 6. Visit for more details.

Listen to Ashley Sofia's "That Girl Is a Rainbow"

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