Singer-songwriter Ashley Riley is releasing a new song, 'See You Around,' and she is giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first look at the video.

Recorded by students at the Blackbird Academy, a program for future recording engineers, the tune was inspired by a falling out with a friend.

"Months went by, and we moved on of course, but I found myself wondering how it would be to run into that person randomly somewhere: Would we say hi or ignore each other or scream and fight?" Riley tells The Boot. "It's fascinating to me to think about how someone that shared a lot of parts of your life can become a stranger after a while."

The band and Riley's friend Melanie Harvel shot the video, in which Riley and a former friend or flame run into each other in a movie theater, around her hometown of Decatur, Ill.

"The only idea I had at first was filming the band on an empty stage and the two people running into each other," Riley says. A friend brought up the idea of using a local movie theater. "[After that], my head was swimming with ideas, and I was envisioning the whole storyline."

"We added the argument scene last, actually after I already had a full edit of the video," she adds. "I was picturing that as I was watching the edits I had and just thought, 'OK, let's try it, and if we don't like it, no worries,' but I think it added the right amount of backstory."

Slow and sad, 'See You Around''s lyrics will sound familiar to anyone who has ever been in that situation. "We could talk about the weather ... We could talk about your family or the baby on my hip," Riley sings. "But I just say hello ... I should go 'cause we both know how it ends."

'See You Around' is now available on iTunes.

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