Really, inspiration can come from anywhere -- including your childhood imaginary friends. On "Face in the Wallpaper," Andrew Weiss and Friends hearken back to childhood attachments in a wistful folk song that reminds us that innocence and playfulness don't need to live in the past.

"When I was around 6 years old, I used to wake up at 6AM every Saturday morning to watch cartoons in my parents’ room. The wallpaper in that room was white and green, and when you stared at it for long enough, it became a portal into a new world," Weiss explains to The Boot. "Faces appeared, bodies danced and relationships formed with imaginary friends ... until everyone else in the house woke up, and everybody in this world disappeared. "Face in the Wallpaper" was written about those experiences."

Weiss plays every single instrument on "Face in the Wallpaper," just as he did when he was writing songs back in high school. "Since then, I have always wanted to film a music video where I am playing all of the instruments in the same shot, and where each musician is a cliche: the too-flashy out-of-place drummer, the bouncy bass player, the rhythm guitar player who is not really sure what to do with himself," he explains, and with the "Face in the Wallpaper" music video, Weiss accomplishes that dream.

"Director Jack Hoffman and I figured out the logistics," he shares, "and we ended up filming the video in my living room." Readers can watch the clip above.

Weiss, a Long Island native, has been playing guitar and writing songs since he was 7 years old. He hung on to that fascination with music through college and beyond with an impressive resume of bands, festivals and tours as a (mostly) self-taught multi-instrumentalist -- and chance a encounter with one Sir Paul McCartney.

Weiss' art is heavily influenced by the sounds of the 1970s. You'll hear the earnestness of Laurel Canyon folk rock tempered by the wry humor of power pop. Weiss and Friends never take themselves too seriously, as viewers will see in the "Face in the Wallpaper" music video.

Andrew Weiss and Friends' new album, The Golden Age of Love & Chemistry, is due out March 27. Visit for more details.

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