Andrew Jannakos' new live performance of his single "Gone Too Soon" is super intimate. The rising artist works the camera in a way that'll make viewers feel as though he's singing just to them.

A full band backs Jannakos throughout this performance, premiering exclusively on The Boot. He may only be performing for a film crew, but the singer works the stage like he would for a live crowd.

Jannakos co-wrote "Gone Too Soon" with Josh Bricker and Jason Afable, "about how we just never wanted the time we spent together to end."

"People have connected to this song in many different ways, but that’s exactly what music is supposed to be: subjective,” Jannakos adds. “Some may interpret the song being about ‘the other person’ in a messy relationship, and there are certainly some parallels to that feeling, but, to me, it’s about the love of my life.”

Jannakos, a Flowery Branch, Ga., native, first found success with "Gone Too Soon" in July of 2020, after his then-girlfriend (she and Jannakos are now married) shared a clip of him singing along with the song while cooking dinner. The clip began racking up views, and after the song was released officially, Jannakos debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Emerging Artist chart and at No. 12 on the Hot Country Songs chart, and charted on the Hot 100.

If fans don't know Jannakos from TikTok, they may recognize him from The Voice: He was part of Adam Levine's team during Season 16, just a few years after an open mic night performance convinced him to try to make a career out of music. The singer was eliminated during one of the season's Battle Rounds.

Jannakos signed with Sony Music Nashville in November, after the initial success of "Gone Too Soon." He released a six-song EP of the same name on June 4.

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