The studio version of Alyssa Trahan's "Ain't Ever Goin' Back" is an (almost) one-woman show. The singer-songwriter co-wrote the track with fellow artist and songwriter Tony Lucca, a former The Voice contestant, but she self-produced the song and plays nearly all of the instruments that create its melody.

It was a dobro line from Lucca, though, that began the song, after Trahan came in with an idea inspired by a poster she has in her recording studio. Fans can still hear Lucca's dobro work -- the original demo version of it, in fact -- on the studio recording of "Ain't Ever Goin' Back."

Below, Trahan shares the story of "Ain't Ever Goin' Back" in her own words.

So "Ain't Ever Goin' Back" is kind of my anthem for any of my fellow dreamers out there. I wrote this one with Tony Lucca, and I actually got the idea for it from a poster I have hanging in my recording studio: It says, "Don't look back, you're not going that way" ...

I thought that was such a cool idea. I really wanted to turn it into a song. I pitched the idea to Tony, and he loved it, and right away, he started playing this really cool lick on the dobro. That kind of became the foundation for the whole song.

I really wanted to write this song in a way that anybody could relate to it. For me, personally, it is about my journey in country music and going for my dream, and specifically being a woman in not just country music but kind of society. There's definitely hints of it in there, but it's also something that I think echoes what is currently going on in America and just the world in general.

I feel like there's so much judgement and so many people are going for something and they keep being torn down, or they keep facing obstacles, or it's harder than they'd thought it be. But if you're a true dreamer, you're going for it: You're not saving anything, you're giving it your all, because this is your life, this is your passion, and you're going for it.

I love how it came out because it's so edgy and rock-y and kind of has a swampy vibe that my fans haven't heard from me before. After we wrote it, immediately I did a demo for it, because I loved it and I just wanted a demo right then and there ... Sometimes with demos it takes a bit to get the sounds you want, get the vibe right, but with this one, I swear, it just recorded itself ... It was really quick to get it done.

After I had the demo done, I kept listening to it ... I really didn't change much from the initial demo that I put together ... I kind of feel like I put out the demo, which is so cool ... We actually kept the original dobro part that Tony played on the demo ...

I really hope that when anybody hears it, it inspires them, it empowers them, because that's what it does for me ...

WATCH: Alyssa Trahan Shares the Story Behind "Ain't Ever Goin' Back"

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