Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree. Allie Colleen's father Garth Brooks may be her best friend (her words), but musically, she's blazing her own trail — one that doesn't much look like the old man's.

The 23-year-old native Oklahoman has popped up in several radio station studios (most notably, the Bobby Bones Show) and released three songs of her own, plus many covers. She's a Belmont grad looking to learn from Nashville's finest songwriters, especially those not just hoping to benefit from her family tree. That doesn't fly for her.

"Ain't the Only Hell My Momma Raised" is Colleen's newest single. It's a country-rocker that turns an old Johnny Paycheck song ("I'm the Only Hell (My Mama Ever Raised)") on its ear. "You can't expect me to learn from something I ain't even tried / I ain't afraid to crash and burn, just wanna live while I'm alive / I've got her blood in my veins / I ain't the only hell my momma raised," she sings during the vocal showcase.

But enough bio information. Here are five ways Colleen differs from Brooks, her very proud papa. By the way, she's his daughter with his first wife, Sandy, although she and Trisha Yearwood are very tight, as well.

We've Never Seen Garth Brooks Do This

Colleen reaches beyond the country music genre for covers on YouTube. Brooks does, too, but he's not covering contemporary artists, and he's definitely not posting them to YouTube (there's still a grudge there). Here's her cover of a Halsey song:

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