Southern California-based country artist Alice Wallace is premiering her music video for "I Just Don't Care Anymore" exclusively with The Boot, and readers who have been through a bad breakup and are simply over it will definitely relate to this track.

The video features Wallace and her band performing in a tiny bar, and it's clear from the very first note that the singer has plenty of raw talent. The passion that she evokes while singing lines such as "I'm sorry that it seems you got the raw end of the deal / I'm sorry sometimes nice guys beg for their meals / But I'm sick of saying sorry / And I just don't care anymore" comes across loud and clear.


"This is a song that came after the worst breakup I’ve ever had," Wallace tells The Boot. "I wrote a lot of songs about that breakup, but I wrote this one knowing it would be the very last song I would write about it -- because I just didn’t care anymore. And I was glad!"

"I Just Don't Care Anymore" is the lead track from Wallace's third record, Memories, Music & Pride, and it holds a special place in her heart.

"It’s probably my favorite track on the new record because it has punch, it has energy, and it conveys exactly what I wanted it to. And man, did we have fun filming this video," she explains. "We really don’t care who we get to perform for -- it could be one cowboy drinking alone at the bar, and we will still have a great time pouring our hearts into this music and making the stage our own.”

Wallace has had plenty of time to practice her craft on the road; she played well over 200 shows in 2015, performing coast to coast, and this year, she'll head to the U.K. for the first time. For more information on Wallace, her music and upcoming shows, visit