Country newcomer Alaina Beach has released a music video for her new single, "This Is How You Get to 99." Click play above to watch the exclusive premiere.

Highlighting some of the best advice that the Nashville singer-songwriter has learned from her 99-year-old grandmother, "This Is How You Get to 99" is nostalgic and upbeat, reminding listeners that a long life is ultimately led in love. The inspirational matriarch's voice starts off the track, giving the song its title as she says, "This is how you get to 99."

"People always ask [my grandmother] what her secret is, and she gives different advice each time," Beach tells The Boot. "The song expresses the reality of a full life ... you cherish the ones you love, you struggle, and you hope to leave something beautiful behind."

Filmed in Nashville and directed by Scot Sax, the "This Is How You Get to 99" video features an array of old photographs of Beach's wise grandmother -- and even a few cameos by Beach's closest friends -- alongside the singer's performance. The lyrics of the song match perfectly with the video's images: friends walking with one another through life and unforgettable experiences remembered through a snapshot.

"You plant a seed, you watch it grow / You find someone, don't let 'em go / You build a trust, forgive a grudge / You fight hard for the things you love," sings Beach in the track's first verse. "And maybe you'll be right, and maybe you'll be wrong / But when I ask you how to live this life / You say, 'This is how you get to 99.'"

"This is How You Get to 99" is Beach's first new music since 2014's Walls. Fans can hear more on Soundcloud, or by purchasing Walls on iTunes.