Fans of The Voice will quickly recognize Adam Wakefield's signature sound in his new song, "When You're Sober." The alt-country artist and Season 10 runner-up on the TV singing competition is sharing the music video for the tune exclusively with readers of The Boot.

Performed at the world-famous Skull's Rainbow Room in Nashville, "When You're Sober" doesn't feature any rocking guitars or new artist bravado -- just a simple, soulful piano (played impeccably, it must be said!) and powerfully understated backing vocals to highlight the depth of the song's emotional lyrics.

"And after all the countless times / I begged you to come back to me / You always chose the harder road / You must have known, we weren't meant to be," Wakefield sings, leading into the true heart of the song: "Oh, we'd dive back into this / Start this hurting all over / Wait until the morning comes / Call when you're sober."

Like an addict returning to what he knows will destroy him, "When You're Sober" recounts the struggle to let go of a relationship that should have ended a long time ago. It's a poignant song about heartache and loss, made even more compelling by a simple, yet emotionally raw performance from Wakefield and Jenny Leigh.

"I love songs where the writer doesn't reveal the whole story until the last line of the chorus," he tells The Boot. "We perform this tune with the full band in my set, but it's hard to really focus on the lyrics ... but when we had the opportunity to do a stripped-down piano / vocal video at Skulls, I knew this was the perfect song for that reason. Plus, I love the harmonies Jenny worked out for this, especially in the bridge. Nobody blends with me like she does, and I think it really comes through in this video."

Wakefield made it to the finals on Season 10 of The Voice under the tutelage of Blake Shelton. Although he was ultimately a runner-up to Christina Aguilera protege Alisan Porter, Wakefield's unique voice and Chris Stapleton-esque sound made him a fan favorite. Since the show, he's kept busy, touring regularly with his band and writing for his debut release, the details of which are to be announced.

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