Country up-and-comer Abby Anderson is hard at work on her debut album, but in the meantime, she's having an exciting year. In March of 2018, Anderson released her first single, the soulful and stripped-down piano ballad, "Make Him Wait," the message of which urges listeners to take it slow and not rush romantic relationships.

The first time Anderson heard her debut song on the radio, she definitely wasn't expecting it; in fact, a member of her promotion team surprised her with the broadcast while on the road. Read on to hear Anderson recall the moment.

I got to hear myself on the radio for the first time in Virginia. The song wasn't even out yet, and I was driving in a car with one of the amazing women on my promotion team. I could tell she was kind of in a [rush], and I was like, "Why are you in such a hurry?"

We got into the car, and she was fidgeting with the radio station. I was just on my phone. All of the sudden I heard the DJ say, "This is Abby Anderson, and the new single is called "Make Him Wait.""

It was really, really cool. That was something that I'll always remember for the rest of my life, for sure.

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