A Thousand Horses' "A Song to Remember" doesn't try to make nursing a broken heart sound anything, but it sure is catchy. It's likely a session the band -- Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher, Zach Brown and Graham DeLoach -- will always remember, too: They recorded the track during the novel coronavirus quarantine, from their respective homes.

Below, Hobby shares the story behind "A Song to Remember," in his own words.

I wrote the song with the Warren Brothers and Chris Stevens, some guys that I write with a bunch, over the years. It was kind of an idea that came on the drive to the write, about the feelings that you have going through a breakup, and a song reminding you of that relationship.

We kinda wrote it about the purgatory of heartache, when you're going through something like that. I've been through it; I'm sure we've all been through it. But that's kind of how the whole idea unfolded.

From the time it was written ... it felt great. Everybody loved it; I loved it. It just felt really good.

We actually had to finish our record in quarantine, so this was the last song we recorded for it. We all did it at home.

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