She's a neat freak, she sported a black eye at her graduation, and she once heard a rather science-fiction rumor about herself. Those are just three of the many things Carrie Underwood says you may not know about her, in spite of her presence all over magazines, TV and the Internet.

Underwood sat down with Country Weekly magazine to divulge 25 little-known personal facts. Here they are, in the country star's own words:

1. I can't function during the day if I know my bed is not made. It will be all I think about throughout the day until it's actually made.

2. My refrigerator is extremely organized. Everything is showing the labels and is arranged in perfect rows. It's always well-stocked!

3. I'm not a big fan of swimming in lakes and oceans where my feet don't touch the bottom. But I love being on the water in boats and on beaches, and of course poolside.

4. Sometimes when I'm at home in Tennessee, I get together with groups of friends at the park, and we play flag football. It's so much fun!

5. I watched my fellow 'American Idol' contestant Bo Bice get a tattoo of a cross made out of nails in a Los Angeles tattoo parlor.

6. I sported an unusual look while delivering my 2001 salutatorian speech during graduation ceremonies in Checotah High School in Checotah, Okla. -- a black eye! (Carrie was accidentally hit in the face with a softball during a game.)

7. A few of my favorites: Actor: Johnny Depp. Actress: Drew Barrymore. TV show: 'American Idol.' Food: pizza.

8. My hometown of Checotah, Okla., has a yearly festival called Okrafest. It celebrates okra, the vegetable that was a mainstay in the area's Native Americans and early settlers. And yes, I love fried okra!

9. I once spent part of a summer as a page for Oklahoma State Representative Bobby Frame.

10. Prior to 'American Idol,' I had never been on an airplane.

11. I'm afraid to ride motorcycles, four-wheelers and other recreational vehicles. You won't find me on the back of one of those anytime soon!

12. I've heard all kinds of crazy rumors about myself. I've even heard that I'm pregnant with an alien baby! I've become real good about laughing things off. I figure I better get used to it.

13. Ever since I was little, I loved animals. If you told me I could never sing again, that would be horrible, but it's not my whole life. If you told me I could never be around animals again, I would just die.

14. My skin care is simple. I really don't buy anything expensive or do anything to look after my skin. I just use soap and water. That's it.

15. My fans are known as Carrie's Care Bears because my name sounds like "care" and I am a member of the same sorority -- Sigma Sigma Sigma -- as Care Bears co-creator Linda Denham.

16. I occasionally show my wild side. I think everybody has got a little wild streak no matter how quiet they are. It's pretty rare for wild Carrie to come out, but if it does, I'm usually with my friends. I've never done anything remotely bad at all. I've never so much as been pulled over, knock on wood.

17. My first awards show was the 2005 CMA Awards, and I literally uttered the words, "I think I'm going to throw up!"

18. It's easy to remember my first date, which was in 1999 when I was 16. I walked into the living room to watch out the window for him, and my dad was cleaning his shotguns! My mom yelled at him for a while, and ... uh, the guy never asked me out again.

19. I usually will not order eggs at a restaurant because the chickens they come from were likely caged. I buy Eggland's Best eggs, as their chickens are free-range chickens and allowed to roam and lay their eggs.

20. My shopping weakness is makeup! I have a gigantic makeup case, more makeup than any girl should have in her lifetime. Yet every time I go into a makeup store, I spend a ridiculous amount of money. That's my problem.

21. I listen to a wide variety of music, but I don't always enjoy listening to my own songs. I'm just not too crazy about listening to myself.

22. I don't get on too many fan sites anymore. I used to, especially when I was on 'American Idol.' I saw so many of the contestants get broken because of negative comments. But I'm very active on my fan club website,, writing blogs and communicating with my amazing fans.

23. As a youngster, I pushed my mom to take me to local talent shows. I never won, but usually placed. I was so excited when I won a $25 savings bond or a trophy.

24. I like to dance around the house when I'm getting ready. It gets my day going.

25. With each album and when singing new material, I find out I can do things vocally I didn't even know I could do.