The Zac Brown Band are known for their pre-concert "eat-and-greets," where they treat about 200 lucky fans to pictures, autographs and a huge spread of down-home southern fare. But did you know that most everything on the buffet is an original Zac Brown recipe? The ZBB frontman is a an accomplished chef and even put out his own cookbook, 'Southern Ground.' (Win an autographed copy of the book here!)

Our friends at SlashFood interviewed Zac in his "kitchen on wheels." "We built this 53-foot tractor trailer that's a kitchen," he explains. "I had a restaurant in Georgia for a while, and I really missed feeding everybody."

Watch SlashFood's exclusive interview with Zac below (preferably on a full stomach, as some of the food they highlight in the video will make your mouth water!)

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We here at The Boot have a copy of 'Southern Ground,' and take our advice: the Sinful Toffee Dessert Dip is worth committing the sin. Absolutely delicious! Get your copy of the cookbook here.