The Zac Brown Band are gearing up to release their new album, 'You Get What You Give,' but while their fan base may expand, one tradition they started a while ago isn't going to change.

The backstage "eat-and-greets," which are food-filled parties where fans mingle with the band, are a staple before most every Zac Brown Band show. When the guys were still playing weekend gigs outside of Zac's Place in Dahlonega, Ga., they developed the concept of combining music, food and chats with fans into their own mini-festivals. True, a lot has changed since they were the house band for Zac's Place but the mini-festivals are still a major part of the band's concert experience.

"We are planning on doing that forever," ZBB fiddler Jimmy DiMartini tells The Boot. "It's really important to us to always reach out to fans."

For that reason, the band has a new cooking trailer for the tour. That means the chef who travels with the band will be able to rustle up food for about 150 eat-and-greet participants. On the menu are southern-cuisine specialties created by Zac himself, using his famous spice rub, Georgia Clay Rub, and his Southern Ground Grub Brown Sauce.

"Our days on the road are pretty full," Jimmy says. "The first thing we do after sound check is eat-and-greet, and then after the show we do a signing for all the fans. It's always cool to meet with our fans."

'You Get What You Give' is scheduled for release on September 21.