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Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton): "Umm ... I'm still checking but I'm pretty sure it's written in the Bible that you have to buy my new album to get into heaven ..."

Miranda Lambert (@Miranda_Lambert): "My finance has a new record out as of today. Please buy IT so he can buy ME more presents!"

Jewel (@jeweljk): "I asked 4 my rental car at valet & got in drive away. 10 min later I stop & c baby seat in back - I'm in someone else's car!!"

Martina McBride (@martinamcbride): "Pet Peeve....when you go to find a song on itunes and its been re-recorded. What??!!! Cannot find the original Baby Blue by Badfinger. Lame."

Josh Thompson (@TheJoshThompson): "So what if were watchin Sponge Bob"

Jimmy Wayne (@JimmyWayne): "Ruby, its called 'time out'! It's only a Lobster claw rubber band, I won't leave it on your face for very long" [Jimmy on house breaking his new puppy]

Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13): "Puttering around my place, reading cookbooks and celebrating the fact that I'm no longer scared of the sound of my ice maker at night."

Little Big Town (@LBTmusic): "The humidity is oppressive ... wow! The good news is we're probably all sweating off pounds."

Jaron and the Long Road to Love (@JaronATLRTL): The Boot KNOWS I'm the hottest bachelor because I threw up in my mouth just writing this. Now if that doesn't make me hot, then surely the humidity in Nashville does. And if that doesn't work... Then give it to Billy Currington. That's who I'm voting for." [In response to The Boot's call for fans to vote on their favorite bachelor in country music.]

Jack Ingram (@JackIngram): "Cinnamon Altoids mixed with Icebreaker Sours ... Don't doubt me on this one."

Danny Gokey (@dannygokey): "True story - I'm @ a pool & there r some ladies who heard I was staying @ the same hotel. They're talking about me not knowing I'm here listening Ha."

Laura Bell Bundy (@LauraBellBundy): "I love steak! (and Blake Shelton's new album)"