Trace Adkins is worried the friendly skies are getting a bit too friendly. But instead of yelling "hands off!" to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration [TSA] in response to its new full-body screeners and increased passenger pat downs, the singer is sarcastically welcoming the new travel policies with open arms ... and legs.

When asked if he wanted to go through what FOX News' 'Freedom Watch' host Judge Napolitano called the TSA "porn machine" or the "grope," Trace said either is just fine with him.

"I'm gonna stand there with my hands on my hips and let them take my picture, and I hope I'm going commando that day," he joked. "But if they don't want to do that and the guy wants to feel me up, I'm going to stand there and loudly proclaim, 'Oh yeah, oh yeah!'"

On a more serious note, Trace noted that the 150th anniversary of the Civil War is approaching. Tying the conflict into the conversation, the singer acknowledged that one of the issues which spurred the war was states' rights. Trace went even further to say that the TSA screenings are a prime example of how the federal government imposes its will on states and their citizens.

"The whole thing has turned upside down, hasn't it?" Trace asked. "Because of some people's unwillingness to identify who the enemy is and call a spade a spade. Let's profile who really needs to be going through [TSA screenings] and who doesn't, and stop this randomness and putting my 80-year-old grandmother through this. It's just ridiculous."