Trace Adkins, Miss USATrace Adkins performed his new single, 'This Ain't No Love Song,' at the 59th annual Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas this past weekend. But while he wasn't one of the official judges of the competition, he did offer his opinion on the winner -- and one unexpected perk from the meeting all the beauty queens.

"The best thing about the Miss USA pageant was, there are 50 beautiful twenty-ish ladies," he tells Portland's KUPL radio station, then correcting himself: "That ain't the best part. The best part is there are at least 20 really hot 45-year old mamas. That was my favorite part." Asked if the mothers were in bikinis first, the lanky crooner deadpanned, "Not at first!"

With a firsthand view of all the contestants, Trace didn't mince words about the winner -- Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih. "I wasn't impressed," he admits. "[She] wasn't one of my favorites ... I had some favorites, and none of my favorites made it to the end of the top five."

Miss Michigan, who made headlines not only for her win, but also for the pole-dancing pictures of her that surfaced after the win, has someone else to blame for her actions, according to Trace. "That's a shame because [as] a father of daughters, really, your only job in life is to keep your girls off of a pole," he says. "You just hope that they don't end up dancing with a pole."

A father of five daughters himself, Trace says so far his parenting is on the right track. "Two poles so far I've gotten past," he jokes. "I've got three poles left to dodge."

Getting ready to release his first album on the Show Dog Universal label on Aug. 24, Trace is spending his summer out on the road. He will take a detour to headline Music City's July 4 extravaganza, which will also include performances by Julianne Hough and Jaci Velasquez, among several others.

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