Will it be 'The Cowboy' or 'The Brit'? Trace Adkins has made it to the final two on the reality competition show, 'Celebrity Apprentice.' The winner - Adkins or British newspaper editor Piers Morgan - will be revealed on the season finale tonight. Adkins admits even he doesn't know what's going to happen tonight.

"I'm just about as curious to see how it all goes down as you are," he says. "They gave me a few details -- that we're gonna go there and do it live. But other than that, I really don't know how it's gonna play out . . . I'm just ready to get it on, get it done!"

If Adkins is the winner, he will receive $250,000 to donate to his favorite charity, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. It's a cause near and dear to Adkins' family, as his youngest daughter suffers from severe food allergies.

The season finale of 'Celebrity Apprentice' airs tonight at 9:00pm ET on NBC. Adkins will perform his hit song, 'You're Gonna Miss This,' on the show.