Trace Adkins turned the big 5-0 earlier this year (January 13). While he isn't afraid of getting older, the singer does admit the big milestone brought along a few health challenges.

"I've been pretty hard on my body over my life. It's catching up with me now, and I have to get stuff fixed," he confesses to Cowboys & Indians magazine. "Every winter, I usually get something fixed. It's either a shoulder, a knee, an elbow, a wrist or an ankle or something."

This year's surgery will most likely be a knee replacement, which the 'Million Dollar View' singer says is the result of a series of injuries he's endured through the years. "I dislocated my kneecap the first time when I was a senior in high school," Trace recalls.

That was followed by a college injury, when Louisiana native played football for the Bulldogs at Louisiana Tech University. But it wasn't until he re-injured the same knee during a skiing vacation that he realized he would probably need an operation to fix the ongoing problem.

"It's been a recurring thing -- my right knee is completely trashed," explains the married father of five. "This is probably the last surgery that's going to give me any relief."

The singer-songwriter admits he has weathered his share of physical ailments, including having his pinky surgically reattached after an accident while working on an oil rig, being shot in the chest by his now ex-wife, and surviving a serious car accident as a teen that broke both his arms, a leg, some ribs, and tore off part of his nose. But Trace says he always knew he'd survive.

"I don't think I was ever worried about not making it," he asserts. "But I might have been concerned about what shape I'd be in when I got here."

One thing we know for sure -- Trace doesn't have to worry about his current shape! The Grand Ole Opry member, who was in the hospital earlier this week for yet another surgery, tweeted a picture of his naked backside, with his hospital gown open in the back. Take a peek at his badonkadonk here.

Trace will spend much of the next few months on the road, including stops in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. See his concert schedule here.

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