Trace Adkins has a history of casting gorgeous women in his music videos. Take, for example, his 'This Ain't No Love Song' video, starring a stunning, lingerie-clad brunette. And who can forget the voluptuous vixen from 'Hot Mama' or 'Chrome'? But for his newest video, 'Brown Chicken, Brown Cow,' Trace is going the more-meaty, less-eye-candy route -- enlisting a cow.

OK, not a real cow: a puppet cow. There's also a puppet pig, chickens and Dolly Parton. Trace is the only human to be seen in video, which is a showcase for the puppetmasters who create the faces of TV's 'Crank Yankers.' In fact, Trace is actually replaced by puppet version of himself, which he confessed to The Boot was "really creepy."

Trace invited The Boot to the set of the 'Brown Chicken, Brown Cow' video, at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch, just north of Los Angeles. Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes video below.


While Trace is a fan of 'Crank Yankers,' he admits the idea for the video was not his. Director Michael Salomon had churned out several ideas for the visual representation of the song, before ending with a simple note that read, "Or we could just do puppets." Don't let the puppets fool you though, they are still acting out the suggestive lyrics and following the song's story.

Trace admits that making music videos has helped in pursuing various film opportunities, such as his role in the 'Lincoln Lawyer,' starring Matthew McConaughey. "Doing music videos prepares you for when you get into larger productions, whether it's television or movies," he says. "What it prepares you for is the waiting part, where you're sitting around on set waiting to relight something or light the next shot. That's the most monotonous part of it. Music videos are great for that part."

The official music video for 'Brown Chicken, Brown Cow' can be seen right here on The Boot on Monday, February 14.