If you haven't gotten to see Tim McGraw in concert, his new video for his latest single, 'Southern Girl,' is your chance. The singer incorporated live concert footage into the five-minute clip.

The video includes country line dancing, plenty of cowboy boots, and even a pre-show proposal. There are also fans enjoying the show, along with some tailgating scenes.

The song, which is the fourth single from his No. 1 album, 'Two Lanes of Freedom,' is one McGraw knew early on would be a crowd pleaser.

“At the beginning of the tour, we threw a lot of new songs into the set list, and that’s always a risky thing when an album is so brand new,” he says. “It didn’t take a whole weekend out there before the girls were shouting at us to play ‘Southern Girl.’ The song has a really cool groove to it that just gets everyone moving and sets the right tone for a perfect summer night.”

McGraw is currently crossing the country on his Two Lanes of Freedom tour, which heads to Ontario, New York and Virginia this week. See all of his upcoming shows here.