Tim McGraw is set to star in a new TNT TV drama, Robbers, and will also executive produce the series.

Based on Christopher Cook's 2000 novel of the same name, the show follows a cop, two longtime friends on a crime spree and a woman who forms a complicated love triangle. McGraw will play one of the drifters, Ray Bob, described by Deadline as the "worst of the worst," and will co-produce with Michael Dinner (The Wonder Years, Kidnapped), Sarah Timberman (Justified, Elementary) and Carl Beverly (Elementary, Unforgettable).

Although McGraw has already appeared in several hit films, including Country Strong and The Blind Side, the multi-talented celebrity says that he has always been interested in TV roles, as well as Broadway.

“Both of those would be interesting to me,” McGraw says. “I’ve had a few offers to do some things that just timing-wise didn’t work out for me. But, I certainly could see that down the road when more time opened up.”

The husband of Faith Hill will also show off his acting skills in the upcoming movie Tomorrowland, opposite George Clooney. The movie, which also stars Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson, premieres on May 22. But while McGraw says he enjoys filming movies, it's a challenge to find time to do so with his successful music career.

“It’s a two- or three-month commitment to a movie when you decide to do one, not to mention the preparation before," he concedes. You don’t want to shortchange anybody. So finding something that you like, finding something that’s being done in the time that I have available … if those two things line up, them really wanting me to do it. I’m not at the point yet where I can just say, ‘I want that role,’ and it’s mine. I have to work for it in a lot of ways. There’s some things that just get offered to me, but even then, it’s timing.”

McGraw will embark on his 2015 Shotgun Rider Tour on June 5 in Little Rock, Ark., with Billy Currington and Chase Bryant serving as his opening acts. A list of all of his upcoming shows is available on his website.

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