Tim McGraw has already added several acting roles to his resume, including appearing in the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Blind Side,’ but he admits he still wants to do more. The singer reveals he is interested in both TV roles and possibly appearing on Broadway in the future.

“Both of those would be interesting to me,” McGraw tells GAC. “I’ve had a few offers to do some things that just the timing-wise didn’t work out for me. But, I certainly could see that down the road when more time opened up.”

Still, the husband of Faith Hill and father of three girls admits he has plenty to keep him busy right now, including his cross-country Two Lanes of Freedom tour. “There’s such a time commitment to do any of those things,” acknowledges McGraw. “Broadway’s such a long-time commitment. TV’s the same thing. That’s one of the things about movies. It’s a little bit shorter of a time commitment but still, finding time to do anything is tough.”

Tim will spend much of the summer on the road before he hits the studio to work on a new album. See a list of the remainder of his shows here.