Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for more than 15 years, and their mutual attraction is still as strong as ever -- on and off stage. The couple, who have performed several duets together, including their multi-platinum hit, 'It's Your Love,' find continual musical inspiration in one another.

"She is the best there is," Tim boasts of his wife to Australia's 7 News. "She is in an elite class of singers, I'm not even the same room as her when it comes to vocal talent. Our chemistry really works -- the roughness of my voice and the power of her voice. She comes from a soul, R&B influence and I come from a '70s, southern rock influence, but strangely the combination works great."

His adoring spouse agrees. "I feel pretty lucky to be up on stage with him," Faith gushes. "I still love staring at him."

The parents of three daughters have co-headlined two tours, first in 2000 for their Soul2Soul trek, and then again for their Soul2Soul II tour, which ran from 2006 - 2007. While the latter tour was on one of the highest-grossing of all time, the twosome are limiting their upcoming shared performances to a series of shows Down Under in 2012.

"We'll only be touring together next year in Australia," Faith confirms. The couple, who have never performed together there before, took their three girls into consideration before committing to the dates.

"When our manager brought up the idea of tour again together [in Australia], we didn't think twice about it," Tim explains. "Of course, they [the children] chimed in and we got three votes from them right away that they wanted to go back."

The family plan to include some vacation dates in their tour itinerary. Meanwhile, both Mom and Dad are working on new albums. Their Australian tour will kick off March 14, 2012 in Perth, and they'll perform several shows before wrapping up on March 27 in Sydney.