Shawna and Keifer Thompson, the husband and wife duo who make up Thompson Square, have been happily married for more than 15 years. But even though their days of dating -- and break-ups -- are long behind them, they both still remember the angst of the end of a relationship, which is why their latest single, 'I Can't Outrun You,' is so meaningful.

“Everyone’s been in that situation, where you’ve been with somebody for whatever length of time, and it goes south and you try to move away, move across town -- and in my case, across five, six states -- and you just can’t get away from the memory with the person,” Keifer tells “That’s what the song is about. It’s a wonderfully written song.”

With poignant lines like "It's like your ghost is chasing me / When I'm awake, when I'm asleep / There's a part of you in every part of me / And I can't outrun you," the singers were both immediately enthralled by the song, even though they didn't write it. The inspiration for the song came from hit writer Kyle Jacobs (husband of Kellie Pickler), who penned the tune with fellow tunesmiths Joe Leathers and Ben Glover.

“It’s so real. We knew the story because Kyle told us the back story of the song,” Shawna explains. “Even without the back story it’s just a heart-wrenching song. We’ve been through breakups before, and we know that horrible feeling when you’re trying to get over somebody because you know it’s not going to work.”

'I Can't Outrun You' is from their sophomore 'Just Feels Good' album. The Thompsons took the song, like may of the others on the record, and reworked it to make it a duet, resulting in a strong, emotional tune.

“Being married gives the songs that we sing a certain power,” Keifer tells The Boot. “It’s not everybody who can sing to one another with that kind of intensity as two people who are in love and have such a long history like Shawna and I do .... It’s really therapeutic for us to be able to go out on stage and sing them each night. It’s kind of like reliving the emotions and remembering where we came from and realizing how great of a life we have now together. There’s a certain powerfulness of that that we’re thankful for having.”

Download 'I Can't Outrun You' here.

The Thompsons are currently crossing the country on their own Just Feels Good Tour, which heads to Colorado and Wyoming this week. See all of their upcoming concerts here.