Pioneering country rappers the Lacs have just released their third album, 'Keep It Redneck.' The duo, consisting of Brian King and Clay Sharpe, say listeners can expect something new and fresh from their latest set of tunes.

“Our music is not one dimensional,” Sharpe insists. “We take the good out of rock, the good out of country and the good out of rap and mix them together and create something different. We build from scratch,"

“That’s what our fans want," King adds, "and that’s exactly what we’re giving them.”

The title track of the 16-song album is steadily climbing up the charts. The video for the song has already exceeded 250,000 views on YouTube, marking the fastest-climbing views in the duo's history. Watch the entire video here.

The Lacs also wrote and performed the theme song for the new season of Animal Planet's 'Mud Lovin' Rednecks,' which Sharpe say was a perfect fit for their unique brand of music.

"We actually met with the cast," he tells the Music Universe. "We get along with them real good. They’re our kind of people and it’s a pretty cool show, too, so we decided to team up with ‘em and do the theme song for it.”

'Keep It Redneck' is available for purchase here.