The JuddsThe Judds walked the CMA Awards red carpet Wednesday, 25 years after winning their very first CMA Award.

"It's like being in a car wreck -- I don't remember a lot. I just remember being ushered to the stage, and I said the dumbest thing!" Wynonna told The Boot with a laugh, recalling their 1984 Horizon Award win. "I said, 'All I wanted was a pretty dress!'"

"And with me it was like a knee-jerk reaction, or like when you hit your thumb with a hammer," Naomi told us. "I said, 'Well slap the dog and spit in the fire!' And a lot of people thought I said another S-word, so they're thinking our career was over before it started!

"That was the first night we'd ever been in a limo, the first night we'd ever been to any show," Naomi continued. "We wore these outrageously pitiful dresses. But we loved them!"

The Judds were presenters at this year's CMA Awards, passing on the Horizon Award torch (now called the Best New Artist award) to Darius Rucker.