First there was the picture of the 18th floor elevator button, then there was the cryptic tweet that showed a time stamp of 5:00 and her cat, Olivia Benson, and now Taylor Swift has released yet another clue.

According to Just Jared, Jr. the songstress will be holding a worldwide Q&A session on Yahoo with her loyal fans all over the globe on Aug. 18 at 4PM ET. But apparently, the third clue came a bit earlier than Swift had originally planned.

A page on Yahoo's website went live Thursday afternoon (Aug. 7), and was subsequently quickly removed -- but not before thousands of fans saw the posting, possibly prompting the singer to tweet the third clue earlier than she originally planned.

It seems likely that the 24-year-old is giving hints leading up to the release of her fifth studio album, and/or perhaps a new tour. Yahoo also recently partnered with Live Nation to live stream one concert a day for 365 days. While Swift wasn't announced as part of the initial line-up, an Aug. 18 live concert is another possibility.

But for now, the reason for the clues remains a mystery.