Taylor Swift must certainly be accustomed to being an object of affection for many of her adoring fans, celebrities included. USC quarterback Matt Barkley and Olympic athlete Will Brandenburg are just a few of the men who have hinted at romantic feelings for the Grammy winner in the last few years. But now, the quest to become romantically linked with the superstar has hit the television air waves.

The hit MTV show, 'The Buried Life,' chronicles four twenty-something guys -- Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood and brothers Jonnie and Duncan Penn -- as they travel across the country crossing things off their "100 Things to Do Before You Die" list. No. 59 is to "Ask Out the Girl of Your Dreams," who, for Duncan, happens to be Taylor.

"I met Taylor in an airport in L.A. "Jonnie explains. "We only talked briefly but I really liked her. She seemed really honest and home-grown. This whole thing is about living without regret and without 'what if.' Whether she says yes or no, it doesn't really matter. It's more about taking the leap."

The episode, which aired October 4, followed the young men as they tried to sneak into the CMT Music Awards, under the guise of being part of an entourage, as a way to garner a face-to-face with the 20-year-old country songbird.

"We tried to ask out Taylor Swift with a crazy plan that involved hundreds of people and a fake music star," Jonnie reveals to Us Weekly. "It blew up in our faces, and we regrouped and did something else and got to her." Ultimately, through a devious plan involving stealing media passes and hiding in a bathroom, Jonnie was able to get to Taylor during the awards show, and after a quick introduction, asked her to text him her answer.

Taylor, who previously told The Boot that she is "not typically the girl who dates a lot of guys or is in relationships a lot," and is "really happy being alone," wasted no time in responding to the charming bachelor. "I got a response from Taylor," Jonnie divulges two days later. And was his romantic plea a success? "She said yes."

'The Buried Life,' now in its second season serves a higher purpose than just fulfilling their own personal goals. "It's a show that we started in our garage in 2006 and it basically revolves around this idea that we have a list of things that we want to do before we die, and for every one that we do, we hope to help someone do something that they've always wanted to do on their list," Jonnie says. "While Duncan tries to ask out Taylor Swift, I go to help a guy that fell in love with a girl 45 years ago and hasn't seen her since, and try to reconnect them again so they can see each other and he can cross it off his list."

No word on when the twosome will finally find time to have a real date. Taylor is getting ready to release her new album, 'Speak Now' October 25, by performing songs from the CD on the steps of the United Nations in NYC. The online concert will stream live at 5:00 PM ET October 25.

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