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Taylor Swift may team up with Adam Young, the musician behind electro-pop outfit Owl City, for his next album -- but right now the idea is just in the talking stages. The buzz about the pairing between the two buddies took off when Adam was quoted as saying he'd like to record with the country superstar.

"I have talked to her," the performer of the chart-topping pop hit 'Fireflies' tells HitFix. "She's so busy, but she said if there's time, she said it'd be lot of fun. There's this weird hybrid country song I'm working on. There's no title because I haven't made any lyrics yet. But that would be the one."

By all accounts the two are fans of each other's music. Adam calls Taylor's 'Love Story' his favorite love song, according to Buzznet. And when Adam played New York's Bowery Ballroom last year, Taylor tweeted him, saying, "If I was in town, I'd be there! Front row, super-fan style." As it happens, Taylor did make the concert and rocked out "super-fan style" in the VIP section.

Perhaps the superstar will spill more details of a potential collaboration during her live web chat, set for today, July 20, at 5:00 PM ET.

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