Taylor Swift will brighten her fans' Thanksgiving holidays when she puts the title of her just-released album, 'Speak Now,' into action during several television appearances that week.

NBC will air a one-hour special at 8:00 PM ET on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, following Taylor during nine one-of-a-kind performances everywhere from Central Park to on top of a tour bus in downtown Hollywood. Songs she performs include 'Mine,' 'Sparks Fly,' 'Story of Us,' 'Long Live,' 'Haunted,' 'Mean,' 'Back to December,' 'Enchanted' and 'Speak Now.' The special also follows Taylor from the recording studio to her latest publicity tour and beyond.

Of course, besides watching Taylor in action, fans will also likely hear Taylor drop more hints about the heartfelt -- and sometimes heartbreaking -- inspirations behind some of her songs.

"You write about things nobody knows you went through," Taylor told The Boot. "My main focus when I'm writing a song is the person I'm writing it about, what they're going to think of it and them knowing what I feel about them. A lot of times, they don't know exactly what I felt. Somehow I feel more comfortable saying it all to them in a song ... that many more people are going to hear than if I just sent a text message! [laughs] But that's just how I feel more comfortable expressing myself."

Taylor will also hit the small screen next week on Monday's episode of NBC's 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.' On Wednesday, November 24, she will appear on 'Chelsea Lately,' which is broadcast on the E! television network.

Watch Taylor's Exclusive Interview With The Boot


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