When Taylor Swift was searching for the perfect young man to walk her down the aisle in her upcoming music video, 'Mine,' she remembered immediately being captivated by 27-year-old, British-born actor Toby Hemingway's performance in the movie, 'Feast of Love.'

"I just loved that movie and thought Toby was so great that I thought it would be perfect to put him in the video," Taylor tells People magazine of the Los Angeles-based actor.

But though Taylor thought Toby was certainly dreamy enough to play her pretend-groom on camera, she actually made her choice in a twinkling ... but not just because of his smoldering good looks. It was the number he wore on his shirt in another film she happened to see. That's right ... it was Taylor's lucky number 13!

"I was doing some more research and watched another movie he was in called The Covenant," the superstar says. "I've got this crazy 13 lucky thing, and he walks on screen for the first time wearing a sweatshirt with a 13 on it! That was the deciding factor. It wasn't really up to me, it was about the number."

The music video is all about getting married and being the fairytale bride dressed in white, which, of course, Taylor confesses she found "a little strange."

"I get to wear big dresses and wear white all the time on the [red] carpet, but there's nothing quite like actually pretending you're getting married!"

According to Taylor, 'Mine' -- due out August 16 -- reflects her gut instinct to shy away from falling in love.

"It's a song that is about my tendency to run from love -- it's been a recent tendency," she told viewers during her live web chat earlier this week.

"Every really direct example of love that I've had in front of me has ended in goodbye, has ended in breakups," she openly shared with fans. "So I've developed a pattern of sort of running away when it comes time to fall in love. This song is sort of about finding the exception to that."

It seems Taylor and her handsome video-groom haven't shied away from enjoying each other's company off-camera, however. Toby and Taylor were spotted hanging out together when Taylor was in L.A. to record with an orchestra for her upcoming album, 'Speak Now,' which drops October 25.

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