Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney join an all-star list of artists who had the highest-grossing worldwide tours for 2013, according to Pollstar.

Swift comes in at No. 8 on the list, making an astonishing $131 million from touring thanks to her global Red Tour, which toured all over North America, as well as several shows in Australia. The songstress sold 1,481,900 tickets, playing 73 shows in 52 cities.

Chesney secures the No. 15 spot, with his No Shoes Nation Tour grossing $90.9 million. The singer sold 1,186,925 tickets in the previous year, with 44 shows in 41 cities.

Classic rockers Bon Jovi top the Pollstar list, grossing over $259 million. Beyonce comes in at No. 2, with $188.6 million. Pink is at No. 3, with over $170 million, with Justin Bieber at No. 4 with $169 million, and Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band rounding out the Top 5 with almost $142 million.

Chances are, Swift will be a mainstay on Pollstar's list of top tours for many years to come. The songstress says she pours her heart and soul into each tour, trying to give her fans an experience they will never forget.

“I love a theatrical production,” she tells The Boot. “I love for you to see a different thing for each song. I love for there to be surprises -- having the audience think they’re going to see one thing and then it’s a completely different thing than you thought. That’s a really rewarding part of putting on a show, is getting to know that the crowd got their money’s worth. For the effort it took to file into the arena and find parking for their car and all that, I want them to completely, without a doubt, feel like it was worth it to come see me play.”

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