Countless young women heading off to college might be wishing they were global superstar Taylor Swift right about now. But what about Taylor? Does the 19-year-old regret missing out on the typical college experience her friends are currently having? Not so much.

"I am more thankful for the two years I went to a regular high school than I ever imagined," she recently told Access "In this business, a lot of young artists don't go to school at all. The experiences I had in those years inspired so many songs. All my friends from high school are now in college -- our lives just took different directions. I had to ask myself if I wanted to walk away from music, but I was learning what I wanted, plus the perks are really cool!"

Besides, Taylor always has a best friend to turn to in her Fearless tour mate Kellie Pickler. Although Kellie is four years older, she admits to Access Atlanta that Taylor is wise beyond her years. "I'm crazy, she's sane," says Kellie. "She keeps me in line. She takes care of me! She's only 19, but she's already a smart businesswoman and an incredible songwriter. She's such a beautiful role model! If I had a little girl or boy, I'd be happy to have them looking up to her!"

Seems to us, as a songwriting role model, Taylor's been breaking the hearts of high-school boys on a college level for several years already.