Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift celebrated the final night of her headlining tour in Minneapolis last week with some special guests never seen before on her Fearless tour: Batman, Robin and Spiderman! The teen country sensation had people dressed up as the cartoon characters, as well as some dressed as Woodstock hippies, dancing around her on stage. The madcap revelry of non-stop pranks was reportedly encouraged by Taylor, who told the Star Tribune, "We welcome pranking. We almost require it!"

The antics began when Taylor's dancers stormed onto the stage during Gloriana's set dressed as rappers. When Kellie Pickler took the stage, the costumes of choice were butterflies, cats and men dressed in drag! "This is war, wherever you are, little peanut," Kellie playfully declared during the frivolity, as 10 hairy men from the crew in dresses, wigs and red high heels surrounded her during her finale.

During Taylor's own set, the superheroes took the stage to perform with their boss, and the members of Gloriana later surprised her onstage, ambushing her dressed in hippie garb. Kellie exacted her revenge, though, during one of Taylor's sweeping ballads by popping up from under her grand piano mid-song to say, "I love you!" Taylor will resume her Fearless tour next year with Kellie and Gloriana on board for more fun.