Taylor Swift is helping blur the lines between country and pop music, and selling millions of albums in the process. But while she may be paving the way for future artists to succeed in both genres, she admits she certainly wasn't the first. Asked who influenced her the most as an artist, Taylor knew exactly who to give the credit to.

"Shania Twain," she tells Time magazine. "She was just so strong and so independent and wrote all her own songs. That meant so much to me, even as a 10-year-old. Just knowing that the stories she was telling in those songs--those were her stories."

Taylor also loves covering other artist's songs in concert, especially those that are far removed from country ... as much for the shock appeal as for her love of the songs. "I love doing pop covers like Beyoncé or Rihanna -- things that people wouldn't expect," she says.

Having already collaborated with Def Leppard, Colbie Cailat and Miley Cyrus, there is one artist she is dying to sing with. "I would like to do a duet with Taylor Hanson, because I have loved Hanson since I was eight. And Taylor Hanson has an amazing voice. Also we're both named Taylor!"

Taylor Swift just kicked off her first headlining tour last week.