Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols’ ‘Sunny and 75′ Hits No. 1
Joe Nichols has been riding high on the Top 3 debut of his latest album 'Crickets' in October. Now the album has reached another milestone, with the single 'Sunny and 75' reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and the Country Aircheck/USA Today chart.
Election 2012 Results: Musicians Muse on Social Networks
Tuesday night (Nov. 6), most of the country was anxiously awaiting news of which candidate would take the highest office in the United States' government. Country singers were no exception, with a lot of them signing into social media sites to comment on Gov...
Joe Nichols’ New Record Label Has Strong Family Vibe
Joe Nichols is all about family, which is one reason he signed with Red Bow Records. The singer says he feels like the people who work there act as a family would, sharing their enthusiasm and helping each other. He especially likes the fact that label head Benny Brown has been helping him find grea…

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