Chet Atkins

Steve Wariner Readies His ‘Most Off-the-Wall’ Album
When fans hear Steve Wariner's upcoming album, 'Guitar Laboratory' -- scheduled to be released in February 2011 -- the 15-year Opry member warns, their opinions could go either way.
"It was a lot of fun, but all over the map style-wise," the guitar legend tells The 9…
Steve Wariner Pays Tribute to His Mentor, Chet Atkins
Steve Wariner grew up with today's country music industry. He came to town as a teenager to work with Dottie West, then went on the road with Bob Luman before going on to work with and be produced by one of his heroes, Chet Atkins.
Steve watched Nashville's music industry change from the ol…
Patsy Cline Boulevard Scrubbed
Only two weeks after Nashville's city planning commission approved a proposal to rename part of Music Row's famous Music Square East to Patsy Cline Boulevard, the legislation was withdrawn after complaints were made from a local resident.
"No offense to Patsy Cline," Music…

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