Steve WarinerSteve Wariner raised his sons around the music business from the time they were small. In fact, both Ross and Ryan Wariner appeared on the cover of one of Steve's Christmas albums years ago as little boys and Steve still pulls out the record to embarrass the guys from time to time! The singer-guitarist says both sons are into music and living their dreams, but in completely different ways.

"Ross, my youngest, he's 22," Steve tells The Boot, "He's going back to school to study music composition. He's already arranging strings and horns and is doing the formal stuff studying classical music. And my oldest, Ryan, who's 26, is touring with LeAnn Rimes. He's been out with Michelle Branch too, but officially he's with LeAnn. It's funny, because I've known LeAnn since she was that tall! So I've got some good pictures!"

Steve says he gets a kick out of watching his sons as they pursue their own musical careers. "It's really fun to see them following up with what I do with the music thing. They're both really talented, a lot of natural music ability, and both have great ears. Very different styles, though. They will never play together very often, because they're at totally different ends of the spectrum. But they recorded together recently. Ross hired Ryan to come in and play on his record, which is funny, and he paid him, I think, so that's unusual! And I get to sit back and watch all this."

Steve recently took home the Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance for 'Producer's Medley,' from 'Steve Wariner c.g.p. My Tribute to Chet Atkins.'

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