Scott Coner has released the lyric video for his debut single and title track from his upcoming EP, 'Feels Like Friday.'

The video for the infectious tune, which touts the benefits of a weekend with lines like, "It's Friday night and I got no place to be / Feels like Friday to me," shows various scenes of vacation hot spots, including beaches, boating and plenty of good times.

The Indiana native had a rising career in country music, including recording several songs with Charlie Daniels for a southern rock album, before he decided to return to his home state to raise his young children.

”I have never regretted taking time to be with my wife and daughters,” he says. “It just never felt right hitting the road and leaving my entire world in the rear view mirror. But, now that our girls are older, and I have my family’s full support, I am truly thankful to be given the opportunity to pursue playing music for a living.”

Coner's EP will be available on March 18 at all digital outlets. Download the single here.