Ray Scott has released the video for his new single 'Drinkin' Beer,' from his latest self-titled album. The comedic tune shows the singer living up to the song's title while on his porch, at a lake and even sporting a denim mini-skirt, but it's all in good fun.

"A lot of people know me for fun songs, for songs that can be a little bit polarizing," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "It's a good, fun thing to lead off with a song like that. But I kind of consider it the top layer of the onion, and once you get into the record, there are some deeper parts."

Scott says his latest set of tunes will show a different side of him as well, highlighting more of his influences and bravely going against much of what is storming up the charts these days.

“It’s country music the way I interpret it,” he explains. “Every artist borrows and basically bastardizes whatever they grew up loving. In my case, it was a combination of a lot of great '70s country  ... The good news is, the kind of music I’m making now is not age-specific. I’m not out there wiggling my ass for anybody, so it’s about telling stories, making people smile and making them feel something. And I can do that until I grow up, if the fans will still have me."

The North Carolina native released one album, 'My Kind of Music,' on Warner Brothers in 2005, before releasing three more independently. But while Scott has had some success on radio, with his 2012 single 'Those Jeans' becoming a hit on SiriusXM, he says he's perfectly content to continue making his music his way.

“I understand that sometimes the business has a place for what I do and sometimes it doesn’t,” Scott says. “But what I do has kept me alive out there in the world because it is different enough that people get passionate about it. They stick with it. I don’t sound like everybody else, and I don’t want to.”

Download 'Ray Scott' here.