When Randy Montana took the stage in front of a packed house at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsley club, it was quickly apparent that his years of watching his songwriter dad, Billy Montana, have definitely paid off.

The laid-back young singer with the warm blue eyes isn't big on banter or chit-chat: he rolled through the first three songs without much fanfare or introduction at all, just taking care of business and playing his own brand of country for the eager but noisy audience. Eventually welcoming the crowd and alluding to the competing pop concert going on down the street, Randy asked, "Did you guys make it through the Justin Bieber traffic OK getting here? Any of you guys have Bieber fever?"

The crowd probably felt like it had a fever with the 100-degree heat outside making the tiny, cramped club feel like it had no air conditioning at all. And they were definitely in for a different type of sound than Justin Bieber, as Randy launched into several of the songs from his self-titled debut, including 'Goodbye Rain,' 'Reckless,' 'Someday,' 'Thousand Faces,' and of course his hot new single, 'Ain't Much Left Of Lovin' You.'

A highlight of the evening was Randy's stellar cover of the Lynyrd Skynyrd tune, 'Tuesday's Gone,' a song he recorded for the new Skynyrd tribute album that suits his voice perfectly. "My dad was the one who suggested doing that particular song for the album," Randy told The Boot earlier in the evening about the rocking tune.

Country veteran Mark Collie and Randy's father-in-law, NASCAR legend Kyle Petty, were among those enjoying the 45-minute set, and Kyle beamed with pride as he watched his son-in-law crank through the notable set of tunes.

"He's my son-in-law, what do you want me to say," Kyle told The Boot, laughing, as his daughter looked on beside him. "It's funny, I've been coming to town trying to write a little bit, and early on when he first started dating [my daughter] Montgomery Lee, he patronized me a little and taught me a little bit about songwriting, so it's fun. But tonight was incredible. We're really proud of him!"

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