The girls in Point of Grace miss the Dixie Chicks on country radio. Since they are a female trio themselves, it's only natural to hope that their three-piece harmonies and uplifting music will fill the bill for that missing link.

"I would like to believe that country radio loves our talent," Denise Jones tells The Boot. "I miss those girl groups that aren't there right now, and I think part of why country radio is accepting us is that we've been around a long time. When we go into a [country] radio station, half of the people either have known us [from our Christian music roots] or their wife knows us. So we're not so new; we have a huge fan base."

Point of Grace are indeed making a splash in the country market with their album, 'No Changin' Us,' and single, 'How You Live (Turn Up the Music).' The three girls -- Denise, Shelley Breen and Leigh Cappillino - feel as much at home with country music as they do in the Christian music field.

"There are a lot of negatives out there and I love it that country music isn't afraid to inspire," Denise says. "Country music allows faith-based lyrics that speak honestly and truth. We like to celebrate that and encourage people in faith, and families to find hope and inspiration. Hopefully we can bring that to the country format."

Another item that Point of Grace has to offer right now that country fans can also enjoy is their new cookbook, "Cooking With Grace." The book is filled with recipes from the girls and their families and friends, as well as cooking tips and side notes with each recipe.

For instance, they all reveal who they would invite to a dinner party if they could have anyone -- living or dead -- join them, and also reveal whether or not they eat raw cake and cookie dough. The recipes range from Asian Cabbage Slaw to Sopapilla Cheesecake. In between are delicious choices such as Billy Jo's Mackie (macaroni) Pie, King Ranch Casserole, Granddaddys Fried Cube Steak and Better Than "You Know What" Cake 2.

Denise laughs when asked how the cookbook came about. "We are always talking about food, that's kinda our hobby. One night one of our assistants, who is so passionate about our ministry called the Raining Season, which provides hope to orphaned children and impoverished families in Sierra Leone, West Africa, suggested we do a cookbook, with some of the proceeds going to the project.

"We thought it was a great idea so we started putting recipes together with stories and we really started having fun with it. We have a lot of women fans and a lot of moms who hope to put something decent on the table at night, so it's not one of those cookbooks that is super hard. The recipes are easy but the stuff that looks impressive."

'No Changin' Us' is the first record the girls recorded as a trio. Former member Heather Payne left in 2008 to spend more time with her family. Denise says they are all happy with the direction of the album and its acceptance in the country market.

"The thing we love about country music is it appreciates people's faith and family and that's who we are and what we're about. The core of the group, after Heather left, is more rootsy and organic so the move has been a natural progression. We honestly feel like the Lord has led us into country music. When we won Inspirational Country Group last year at the Inspirational Country Music awards, that was another recognition that we are headed in the right direction.

"This is a good place for us to be. We were honored to work with [producer] Nathan Chapman again; he obviously knows his country roots with his success with Taylor Swift and he was a great meld for us. He helped us get the word out to country writers and we were able to get pitches from Leslie Satcher and Hillary Lindsey as well as the writers from the Christian si."

Point of Grace is in the midst of their Come Alive Tour with Mark Schultz. They are in Birch Run, Mich. on April 15 and Holland, Mich. on April 16. The tour then goes to Freeport, Ill. on April 16 before taking a two-week break for the rest of the month.