Pat Green's latest album, 'What I'm For,' vaults into Billboard's Country Albums chart this week at the No. 2 spot, right behind Taylor Swift's 'Fearless.'

Elsewhere on the country charts, the first single from the album, 'Let Me,' is headed toward the Top 10. Green says the song, written by Marc Beeson and Danny Orton, first caught his attention because of its unique perspective.

"It's a love song that never uses the word love," Green said in an exclusive interview with The Boot. "You don't hear that very often. Love songs are a dime a dozen, and that seemed to be a different slant on a common subject."

Green also admits that the decision to release 'Let Me' was aided by some powerful outside influence.

"Every girl I've ever met in my life who's ever listened to my music has said, 'That should be the single!,'" says the singer.