Fans anxious to hear new Neal McCoy music won't need to wait until next year after all! The iconic country singer, who announced earlier this year that in January 2012 he'd be releasing a new album produced by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, will also release an album in November.

The 'Wink' singer will release a concert CD and DVD package of big band music, with both Neal and his band and Les Brown Jr. and His Band of Renown performing together. Charley Pride and Janie Fricke also appear on the new set of tunes, which includes several of Neal's biggest hits along with iconic tunes from the Great American Songbook.

'Music of Your Life, With Les Brown and His Band of Renown, Starring Neal McCoy, and Special Guests Charley Pride and Janie Fricke,' which was filmed as part of a PBS special, will be released on Nov. 8, just two months before 'XII,' his CD produced by Blake and Miranda, will hit shelves. After waiting seven years to release any studio albums, the 53-year-old is optimistic about the future.

"[The big band] project with Les Brown gave me the opportunity to do something I always wanted to do, sing with horns and a big band. I'd like to do more of that,' he notes. "Having Miranda and Blake involved in 'XII', the first project at my new label, Blaster Records, is huge for me. Not only do they have great vision, but they know when to have fun and when to get serious along with being fantastic musicians. I'm so excited about everything that's coming up."

Neal's new single, 'A-OK,' was released today (Oct. 18). The Texas native will hit the road for a series of shows to promote his new music, including several concerts in Branson, Mo. Keep track of his tour schedule here.

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