Miranda Lambert included a song, 'Priscilla,' on her new 'Platinum' album. The song, which is a nod to Elvis Presley's ex-wife, Priscilla, has earned the approval of its namesake.

“@LisaPresley and I are listening to your song ‘Priscilla.’ Love it!” Presley shared on Instagram, along with a picture of her and her daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. “Best of luck with your new album.”

The songstress was pleasantly surprised by Presley's comment, firing off her own reply, along with sharing the photo on Instagram as well.

“I never thought I would actually hear from the Queen herself!” she gushed.

The song, Lambert explains, is a comedic response to the divorce rumors that have plagued her and her own husband, Blake Shelton, since they tied the knot in 2011.

“[It] does it in a fun way, though,” she explains. “It happens, and it’s happening a lot, lot more to Blake and I than ever before, and I thought it was a really smart take on how it happens, and I definitely don’t want people to think I’m comparing us to Priscilla and Elvis in any stretch of the imagination.”

'Platinum' is Lambert's first album to debut at No. 1 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart. The record also landed in the top spot on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart, making her the first country artist in the history of the charts to have all five of her albums debut at No. 1. But while the 30-year-old is thrilled with her success, she says she worked hard to include something for everyone in her latest set of tunes.

“There’s humor on this album, and nostalgia, and it’s feminine,” she notes. “There’s girl power, not in the ‘I’m gonna burn your house down and kill you,’ but more where I am as a 30-year-old woman and wife. I’m more settled in life, embracing the good and the bad, and that’s all reflected on ‘Platinum.’”

Download 'Platinum' here.