Miranda Lambert has released a new single, 'Automatic.' The song gives fans their first taste of Lambert's forthcoming fifth studio album.

Written with Natalie Hemby and Nicolle Galyon, 'Automatic' shows the singer's softer side, painting a nostalgic picture of growing up in a simpler time -- using pay phones, having to drive to the big city to buy an Easter dress and learning to drive a stick shift.

She uses that as an analogy for having to work for what you get. “‘Cause when everything is handed to you / It’s only worth as much as the time put in / It all just seemed so good the way we had it / Back before everything became automatic,” Lambert sings.

“‘Automatic’ is a song about the good life,” Lambert states. “It’s about slowing down, taking a breath and remembering what it’s like to live life a little more simply. It’s not about going back, but reminiscing about what it was like to hang laundry on the line and wait for it to dry and my dad teaching me how to drive my ’55 Chevy that I still have but don’t drive nearly enough.”

She adds, “The song brings back good memories and it reminds me to take a deep breath and to remember that getting there is half the fun.”

So far, Lambert's upcoming album has no title or projected release date.