Miranda Lambert has announced the title and release date for her next single. The song will be the advance single from her upcoming fifth studio album.

'Automatic' will be released to radio on Wednesday (Feb. 5). Lambert wrote the song with Nicolle Galyon and Natalie Hemby, and she says it's drawn from her own life.

“‘Automatic’ is a song about the good life," Lambert states. “It’s about slowing down, taking a breath and remembering what it’s like to live life a little more simply. It’s not about going back, but reminiscing about what it was like to hang laundry on the line and wait for it to dry and my dad teaching me how to drive my ’55 Chevy that I still have but don’t drive nearly enough."

She adds, “The song brings back good memories and it reminds me to take a deep breath and to remember that getting there is half the fun.”

Lambert will release her fifth studio album later this year. So far the project has no title or projected release date.

“It’s always exciting and little bit nerve-wracking to release a new album,” she admits. “We’ve been writing and recording since last summer and I’m ready for the fans to hear my new music.”