Mindy McCready was taken to a Nashville-area hospital Wednesday after an apparent suicide attempt. The New York Daily News reports that paramedics were called to a Nashville home where McCready was staying and immediately transported her to the hospital. The fallen country singer was treated for wounds to her wrists and had also reportedly taken several pills.

"We responded to a '10-63' -- that's a suicidal person call. Mindy McCready was at the house," said Nashville Police Department spokeswoman Kris Mumford. "Apparently she called the mother of her roommate and said some things that caused the mother concern. She called authorities. We responded with paramedics, who took her to a local hospital."

The 33-year-old McCready, who was jailed this year for a parole violation, checked herself into a rehab center in July following a previous suicide attempt.

The singer's long-term affair with baseball pitcher Roger Clemens garnered more headlines for the troubled McCready. In April, McCready confirmed that she had been involved with Clemens since 1991, when she was 15 and Clemens was a married father of two playing for the Boston Red Sox.

McCready was interviewed by FBI agents involved in Clemens' perjury investigation after the former Yankee testified under oath before Congress in February that he never used performance-enhancing drugs, a claim made by his former trainer. According to people close to McCready, the singer believed investigators have been following her in recent days in connection with the Clemens case.

McCready is listed in stable condition. There's no word yet on when she will be released from the hospital.

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