Mindy McCready is in rehab again, following a reported failed suicide attempt over the weekend. According to TMZ, the troubled singer washed down the prescription sleep aid Ambien with a bottle of vodka after getting dumped by her boyfriend. She subsequently collapsed while talking to her mother on the phone.

McCready has checked herself into a treatment center in Arizona, under the persuasion of famed talk show host Dr. Phil, who is calling McCready his "personal project." It remains unclear whether or not she will ever appear on his show.

Originally known for her '90s hits 'Ten Thousand Angels' and 'Guys Do It All The Time,' McCready's career has since been peppered with legal and personal troubles. With a lengthy arrest record that includes a DUI, identity theft, drug charges and a physical altercation with her mother, the singer also came under a negative spotlight after allegations of an affair with baseball great Roger Clemens, which she did not deny.

Sources close to McCready tell the Daily News that she suffered a nervous breakdown last week, due to a number of situations, including the Clemens scandal, a recent arrest for probation violation and an ongoing custody battle over her 2-year-old son.

"She's at the end of her rope," says one of the sources.

Since her release from jail last December, McCready has been trying to make a career comeback. She's recording a new album and has shot a documentary called 'Fallen Angel,' about her fight to pick up the pieces.

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